About Us

Gypsies and Travellers Wales (formerly Cardiff Gypsy & Traveller Project) was founded in 1981, and is a charitable company with a small staff managed by voluntary trustees. We have work mainly in and around Cardiff, but also more widely across Wales

Our Aims

  • Gypsies and Travellers Wales aims to support Gypsies and Travellers to improve access to suitable accommodation, public services and employment skills.
  • We are committed to supporting Gypsies and Travellers to voice their needs and concerns, and to encouraging policies and practices which meet these needs.


How we do it

Advice and support – We offer Gypsies and Travellers free, confidential advice on many issues ranging from welfare benefits, employment, housing, education and healthcare to human rights, planning and family issues.

Liaison and Campaigning – We work in partnership with local authorities and public service bodies to improve the delivery of services to Gypsies and Travellers. To achieve this we focus on the development, management and maintenance of sites and offering Cultural Awareness Training to professionals currently or planning to work with the community.

Who we are

Our Executive Committee ensure that Gypsies and Travellers Wales is well managed and operating within agreed policies, the law and its budget. They supervise the Coordinator and ensure that the day-to-day activities continue to ‘support and enable Gypsies and Travellers to achieve a high and sustainable quality of life.’

We currently have six members who bring with them a range of skills & knowledge with many years experience in the third sector. Staff member, Linda Jensen, is appointed as Secretary to the Trustees.

Jan Best

John Drysdale – Chair

David Fitzpatrick

Hugh MacKay – Treasurer

Rhona Probert

Nigel Stannard


We currently have five staff members based at Trowbridge Community Centre but you will likely see them through out the week visiting the Rover Way and Shirenewton or in one of the local hubs.

Jasmine Jones – Coordinator

Linda Jensen – Administrator

Louisa Devonish – Liaison Officer

Sara Reid-Danks – Tenancy Support Officer

Gareth Thomas – Employment and Skills Officer