Our Work

Our Core Work

  • Providing advice and support to Gypsies and Travellers about accommodation, homelessness, welfare benefits, reviews and appeals, health, social services and racial discrimination.
  • Liaising and working in partnership with local authorities and public services bodies to improve the delivery of services to Gypsies and Travellers, particularly regarding the development, management and maintenance of sites.

Policy and development

We help public service providers and the Welsh Government to consult with  Gypsies and Travellers and to incorporate their views and needs into policies and strategies:

  • Consulting with residents on both authorised and unauthorised sites.
  • Training Gypsies and Travellers to carry out a consultation on health issues for the Welsh Government.
  • Enabling Gypsies and Travellers to contribute to police training and other Gypsy and Traveller awareness courses.
  • Arranging for Gypsies and Travellers to contribute to National Assembly cross party working and consultative groups.
  • Contributing to development of the Welsh Government Guidelines on Gypsy and Traveller accommodation needs assessments.

Tenancy Support

In April 2017 the Lloyds Bank Foundation funded GT Wales to offer support to vulnerable Gypsies and Travellers in Cardiff, working with a number of other local agencies to give support tailored to the individual’s needs.

Training and Employment Skills

In November 2017 the National Lottery awarded five years funding allowing GT Wales to offer support and assistance to Gypsies and Travellers to gain the skills, qualifications and confidence needed to enter employment, enterprise or further learning. The project offers a broad range of help from CV writing to driver theory tuition or job application forms & interview techniques to accessing computer facilities. To find out more click here.